Aluminium Equal Angle

Also known as Aluminium L Section and also sometimes referred to as Aluminium Angle Iron, extruded Aluminium Angles are extremely versatile aluminium sections.

Aluminium Angles are usually specified by the outside ‘leg’ dimension x outside ‘leg’ dimension x material thickness. The outside leg dimensions can either be identical – in which case these are termed as Aluminium Equal Angles; or if one leg dimension is larger than the other, they are then designated as Aluminium Unequal Angles.

At 1st Choice metals we stock a large range of Aluminium 90 Degree Angles in a large range of different sizes in both equal and unequal profiles. Our Angles are also available in a range of thicknesses of Aluminium, 1/16” (1.63mm), 1/8” (3.2mm), 3/16” (4.76mm), ¼” (6.35mm) & 3/8” (9.53mm).

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Showing 1–25 of 31 results

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