AluminiumSheet & Plate 1mm - 65mm Thick

5mm Aluminium Sheet / Plate

£6.34£170.15 ex VAT

£6.34£170.15 ex VAT
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The first cut is free, additional cuts are priced at 50p each. Please note that due to saw blade widths, approx 5mm of material is lost when each cut is made. (Excluding Aluminium Sheet 1mm -6mm And All Stainless Steel Sheets) Click add a new cut to add to your cart

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Product Description


  • Supplied with a peelable PVC coating on 1 side of the plate. This protects the surface from being scratched during the    cutting process. Once removed you will be left with a perfect blemish free surface.
  • The uncoated side of the plate will likely be subject to surface scratches.
  • All width & length dimensions are +/-1mm

Grade / Specification

  • Grade 6082 T6 (Formerly Known As H30 TF)
  • Medium Strength Alloy – Harder Than 1050H14
  • Good General Engineering Grade Of Aluminium
  • Good For Machining / Turning / Drilling
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Common Applications

Kit Cars, Models, Cladding, Trailers, Work Tops, Shop Fitting, Counters, Base Plates, Machined Parts, Jigs, Tools, Horse Boxes, Caravans, Fabrications, Vehicle Bodies, Lamp Reflectors, Architectural Flashings

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