Aluminium Plate 5mm - 65mm Thick Grade 6082T6

1st Choice metals are a supplier of Aluminium Plate in Grade 6082T6.  Available in a range of thicknesses and sizes – all aluminium plate can be supplied cut to size. Great for machined parts, dies, base plates etc.  If you can’t see the size, type or grade of plate that you require on our website, then please call 01905 774623 or email for a quote.


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Showing all 12 results

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Aluminium Sheet / Plate / Shate – Supplied in Grade 6082T6


5mm thick & 6mm thick Aluminium are thicknesses that sit between cold rolled sheet (up to 4mm thick) and hot rolled plates (From 8mm thick upwards) – therefore these sizes of Aluminium Sheet / Plate are sometimes referred to as Shate.

Although still relatively thin, our 5mm thick and 6mm thick Aluminium Plates are supplied in Grade 6082T6 rather than 1050H14.


6082T6 is a much harder and stronger grade of Aluminium in comparison to 1050H14 and therefore lends itself to more structural applications. It has very good machinability – because it is so much harder than grade 1050H14, 6082T6 chips nicely when machined whereas 1050H14 is too soft and will clog up cutters & tools. It is also good for drilling and therefore 5mm & 6mm Thick Aluminium Sheets are ideal as base plates for machinery and are also commonly used as sump guards on performance cars.


Our 5mm & 6mm Thick Aluminium Plates are usually guillotined rather than sawn. Please note that due to the nature of supplying cut pieces along with the handling and cutting processes, it is impossible to guarantee a scratch free surface. Therefore if your application requires a totally unblemished surface it is best to allow for the provision of a finishing process such as polishing or machining.


5mm thick & 6mm Thick 6082T6 Aluminium Plates are excellent for welding and also have excellent corrosion resistance. One downside is that 6082T6 Aluminium does not readily lend itself to bending or folding – however with the addition of heat, and great care a certain degree of bending is possible.


These thicker Aluminium Plates are hot rolled. As with the thinner sheets, they begin life as a 600mm thick cast ingot which is then heated up. It is then rolled out to the desired finished thickness and cut to size.

Generally, the surface finish of hot rolled 6082T6 plate is not as good as the thinner cold rolled grade 1050H14 sheets. However, this is often of little importance as these thicker aluminium plates are most commonly cut into billets and either turned or CNC machined down into smaller parts or components.


6082T6 is the most common grade of Aluminium Plate in the UK. Although it is not classed as the free machining grade of aluminium – Grade 2014 takes this accolade – it does machine very well and is cheaper than 2014. In short grade 6082T6 Aluminium Plate is what is used in every single engineering workshop, every day throughout the country for machining applications.

Aluminium Plate in grade 6082T6 is therefore often used to manufacture lost wax dies, jigs, parts for cars and motorcycles, & machined parts for the food processing & packaging industry.

Because 6082T6 Aluminium plate is designed to be machined prior to use, it comes without any PVC coating on either face and as such surface scratching is to be expected.


We currently keep Grade 6082T6 Aluminium Plate in stock in the following thicknesses :-

All of these 6082T6 Aluminium Thick Plates can be supplied in a wide range of widths and lengths such as 6”, 7”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 100mm, 200mm, 300mm, 500mm etc

If you have a machining job to do, why not order a ‘lump’ of plate from our website and then take advantage of our cutting service which will allow you to receive your Aluminium Plate cut down into the required number of smaller blanks ready for you to work on.