Brass Round Bars

Brass Rods supplied in CZ121 which is the free machining grade of Brass. Diameters range from 6mm up to 75mm. If you require a size that we don’t list, please Contact Us for a price.


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Showing all 15 results

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Grade CZ121 aka CW614N is the free machining grade of brass. Its excellent machinability is achieved by the addition of approximately 3% lead into the materials composition.  The lead aids lubrication and also acts as a chip breaker.

CZ121 brass round bars also have excellent corrosion resistance and strength. This makes them ideal for applications where it will be exposed to moisture or to the elements. Items such as valves, bearings, gears, locks, fasteners and fixings are often manufactured out of brass round bars.

Due to its bright gold colour, its ease of polishing and also its comparative low cost, brass bar is often cut and machined to produce items of jewellery.

Grade CZ121 brass round bars are not recommended for cold forming, although with the application of heat some bending will be possible.

Should the size that you require not be listed below, or should you require a different grade of Brass Bar i.e CZ112, CZ114, CZ131 then please contact us and we will send you a quote.

Brass round bar

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc that is highly workable and provides excellent corrosion resistance. It has great aesthetic appeal, and as a result, has a wide range of decorative and functional applications. Because of its unique properties, it is one of the most widely used metals.

What is brass?

Brass is created by mixing copper and zinc, with the proportions being adjusted to create different brass grades for different applications. Basic brass is 33% zinc and 67% copper but these levels can vary significantly. Sometimes lead is added to improve the machinability of the brass.

As well as its high levels of corrosion resistance, brass is also highly machinable and easy to form into different designs. It also has strong conductive properties and toughness against extreme temperatures, spark resistance and low magnet permeability.

To create brass bars other elements will be added such as tin, lead or iron. This makes them extremely strong and harder than other non-ferrous alloys, but it also makes them more workable.

What is brass used for?

Brass is widely used in applications that are both decorative and mechanical. Because of its corrosion resistance, brass is often used in applications that require low friction. This can include all kinds of fittings, fasteners and connectors, tools, appliance parts and ammunition components.

Brass also has antimicrobial properties and a high aesthetic value, which makes it suitable for decorative applications such as lamp fittings and door handles. Brass is frequently used to create decorative items for the home. Its colour can range from light gold and silver right the way through to almost red.

Some of the mechanical applications for which brass is commonly used include everything from marine equipment to shell casings. Bearings and gears are frequently made or incorporate brass, and tools that are made from brass are known to have an extended lifespan and a reduced need for sharpening. Because of its corrosion resistance, brass is often used in oily or wet environments.

Brass round bars are a versatile product that is widely used for mechanical and decorative purposes in both industrial, creative and hobby settings.

An extensive range of brass round bars from 1st Choice Metals

At 1st Choice Metals, we supply an extensive range of brass round bars of different sizes for a variety of applications. Our brass round bars provide excellent corrosion resistance and are excellent conductors of electricity. We provide a free cutting service and we offer a standard cutting tolerance of +/-2mm.

Our round brass bars are regularly used for machined and turned parts, model making, decorative parts and boat building. Delivery starts at just £3.95 +VAT and we offer free delivery on all orders over £75.

To find out more about our range of brass round bars, and our cutting service or to discuss your requirements, call 01905 774 623 or email today.