Aluminium Flat Bar Suppliers

What is an aluminium flat bar?

Aluminium flat bar is a solid piece of extruded aluminium that has multiple applications. The major trait of aluminium is that it is both lightweight and strong, meaning it is usually the metal of choice over a steel flat bar. 1st Choice Metals are a supplier of quality aluminium bars in both metric and imperial sizes. Our aluminium flat bars start from just £1.94 + VAT!

Aluminium Flat Bars – Metric v Imperial sizes

Not everyone uses the same measurement system. Traditionally in the UK, aluminium flat bars have always only been available in imperial sizes, but more recently metric sizes have gained in popularity. 1st Choice Metals stock aluminium flat bars in both imperial and metric sizes.


The imperial system uses the measuring terms feet and inches. When using the imperial system it is usually referred to in fractions, for example, 3/8th of an inch. The shorthand for inches is two prime symbols. So when looking at our aluminium flat bar sizes online and you see 3/4” x 1/4” this means the bar is 3 quarters of an inch by 1 quarter of an inch. These sizes range and the aluminium flat bar prices increase the larger they are.


The metric system is the system that uses metres prefixed with centi, milli, kilo etc. the shorthand for each is mm, cm, m and km. Over the last 40 years or so, metric has become the standard measurement system for almost everything in the UK. Therefore our range of metric flat bars are often favoured by users who have grown up only being taught the metric system.

Why should you use 1st Choice Metals as your aluminium flat bar supplier?

1st Choice Metals are an independent stockholder of metals and plastics, supplying everyone from the general public to large scale businesses. No matter the enquiry, we aim to offer the same level of service. Online we offer a multitude of pre-cut sized aluminium flat bars but we also offer a free cutting service so you can get the exact length of aluminium flat bar you require. Our flexibility to work to your specifications and the competitiveness of our prices make us your 1st choice aluminium flat bar supplier.

What other types of bar do 1st Choice Metals supply?

1st Choice Metals don’t only offer flat bars made from aluminium, we also have Brass flat bars and Stainless Steel flat bars on the shelf.

Aluminium Round Bar

The aluminium round bar is preferred for its weight to strength ration and anti corrosive qualities. Round bars are predominantly used in manufacturing of components for a range of industries such as Automotive. They are also used for certain types of furniture such as in foot rests.

Square Aluminium Bar

Another strong and lightweight bar, the Square Aluminium Bar is commonly used in larger and heavier applications. They are used in high stress situations such as cranes, bridges and transportation.

Aluminium Angles

Sometimes referred to as an L bracket or L section, Aluminium Angles are often used as trims to hide gaps and finish edges . For example to cover the edge of a worktop or trade counter.

Trade Account

Credit accounts & discounts area available. Simply get in tocuh and speak to us directly.

Free Cutting Service

1 x Free Cut - per line item purchased - receive the item at the exact length required for the job

Folding Service

We are able to offer our Aluminium Sheets & Chequer Plates and Stainless Steel Sheets folded to the customers specifications