Chequer Plate Angles - Heavy Duty - 3mm

Aluminium Chequer Plate Corner Protectors – Heavy Duty

Our Heavy Duty Aluminium Chequer Plate Angles are manufactured in the UK from top quality 3mm Thick Aluminium Treadplate.

They are supplied with the choice of the chequered pattern being on the outside faces of the angle, or on the inside faces.

Bespoke sizes are available to order – please Contact Us with your requirements.


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Showing 1–25 of 30 results

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What are Heavy Duty Chequer Plate Angles Used For?

Being manufactured from top quality 3mm thick Aluminium Treadplate, our Heavy Duty Aluminium Chequer Plate Corner Protectors offer a great solution for industrial settings.

Angles that are folded from 3mm Thick Aluminium Chequer Plate offer a great deal of structural strength. They are perfect for covering the corners of walls that have already been damaged over the years. They will not only cover any existing damage to the substrate but they will also help to prevent further damage from occurring.

Heavy Duty Aluminium Chequer Plate Angles are typically used in industrial settings such as factories, to protect against impact damage caused by heavier and larger items such as carriages, trailers, electric pallet trucks and fork lift trucks.

Because of its great structural properties, 3mm thick Folded Aluminium Chequer Plate can also be used to manufacture complete steps / stairs with no substrate required.  Owing to Aluminium Chequer Plates anti-slip properties combined with its excellent corrosion resistance (which even includes saltwater), steps that are folded and welded from Aluminium Chequer Plate are a great option for exterior use.

For even heavier applications, such as vehicle ramps and walkways, we can also supply 4.5mm thick and 6mm thick Aluminium Chequer Plate cut and folded to size. Please Contact Us with details of your requirements.