Chequer Plate Angles / Corner Guards

Our Aluminium Chequer Plate angles are folded from top quality Aluminium Treadplate.

They come in 3 thicknesses:

Light Duty – 1.5mm,
Standard Duty – 2mm,
Heavy Duty 3mm thick.

They also come in 2 different types:

Internal and External.

External Aluminium tread plate corner protectors have the chequered pattern on the outside of the section, while the Internal type have the pattern on the inside.


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Chequer Plate Angles/Corner Guards

Chequer plate angles and protectors are sections of chequer plate metal that are used to create tough, protective corners and edges that can withstand all kinds of potential damage. They are constructed from hardwearing chequer plate or tread plate metal. This is sheet metal that has distinctive raised marks on the surface. The chequer marks aid visibility, further reducing the risk of accidental damage to the area being protected.

Manufactured from aluminium, chequer plate angles and corner guards are tough, flexible and resistant to corrosion. This makes them suitable for environments where this can be a factor, such as outdoor areas.

They are also often used as upstands for work benches, to go around the reveals in windows and doors and of course to fit inside internal corners when chequer plate is being used as a wall cladding. Furthermore we use grade 5754 aluminium tread plate, which is also resistant to saltwater and therefore is suitable for use on boats and other marine applications.

Tough and versatile protection 

Chequer plate angles and corner guards provide effective protection for edges, corners and other areas in light industrial, warehousing, manufacturing and other settings and help to guard against damage caused by pallet trucks, forklift trucks, and trolleys. They are often used to provide protection against accidental damage against light or heavy machinery.

Chequer plate angles are also frequently used in supermarkets to prevent damage from shopping trolleys, and used as tough, visible stair treads that can withstand regular heavy footfall.

Internal and External Chequer Plate angles are also commonly found in gyms, where often the walls in the free weights areas are clad with aluminium chequer plate, preventing damage to the plaster work beneath.  They also give an industrial but professional finish to your gymnasium.

Chequer plate angles/corner guards from 1st Choice Metals

At 1st Choice Metals, we supply a comprehensive range of internal and external chequer plate angles and corner guards to suit a wide range of purposes. We provide chequer plate angles and corner guards to suit your precise needs.

We also provide a full range of folding, general fabrication and welding services.

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