Aluminium Equal Angle


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Showing 26–33 of 33 results

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Aluminium Angles are usually specified by the outside ‘leg’ dimension x outside ‘leg’ dimension x material thickness. The outside leg dimensions can either be identical – in which case these are termed as Aluminium Equal Angles; or if one leg dimension is larger than the other, they are then designated as Aluminium Unequal Angles.

At 1st Choice metals we stock a large range of Aluminium 90 Degree Angles in a large range of different sizes in both equal and unequal profiles. Our Angles are also available in a range of thicknesses of Aluminium, 1/16” (1.63mm), 1/8” (3.2mm), 3/16” (4.76mm), ¼” (6.35mm) & 3/8” (9.53mm).

The size and thickness of the Angle is very much dependant upon its application.  Smaller and thinner Aluminium Angles are often used as decorative trims and edgings – for example around windows, on trade counters, work tops and in shop fittings.

All of our Aluminium Angles are supplied in Mill Finish as standard, which in itself is a relatively pleasing silver colour. However, for a top-quality finish we can also supply our Aluminium Angles cut to size and then either Polished, Powder Coated or Anodised.

Due to its unrivalled weight v strengths ratio, larger and thicker Aluminium Angle Profiles are used in more structural applications such as vehicle bodies, horse boxes and signage products. Other than being both light and strong, the other advantage of using Aluminium Angles over other materials such as mild steel, is that they won’t rust or corrode when used in outdoor environments.

Being a relatively soft alloy, Aluminium Angles are also the perfect solution for making brackets and fittings as it is easy to drill, countersink and any sharp corners can easily be smoothed and rounded off using the most basic of DIY tools.

Aluminium Angles also have great weldability. When welded into a frame, the angle profile creates a lip around the inside of the frame that can hold and support a substrate such as Aluminium Sheet or Aluminium Chequer Plate, making it perfect for shelving and racking.

As an alternative to standard Aluminium Angles, we also stock a range of Aluminium Chequer Plate Angles. Rather than being extruded, these are cut and then folded from 2mm thick Aluminium Chequer Plate – although we can make them from any thickness chequer plate and to any size required – please contact us with your requirements. Chequer Plate Angles offer a more commercial or industrial look when compared to our standard extruded angles. Due to the cutting and folding processes, the Chequer Plate angles are not produced to the same tight sizing tolerances as the extruded angles, and therefore the actual sizes of the legs can vary by a couple of millimetres.