Polished Brass Flat Bars

Brass Flat Bars with a choice of a bright polish or a dull / brushed polish.

Supplied in grade CZ121, these polished bars look absolutely amazing and are perfect for decorative applications, often used in the manufacture of furniture, floorings and in shop fittings.


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Showing all 8 results

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Polished Brass Flat Bars

Brass is an alloy metal that is made from zinc and copper. It has unique properties that make it a versatile metal that can be used across a range of industries and for decorative purposes. The proportions of zinc and copper within the brass can be adjusted. This creates brass products with a variety of different properties and different uses.

What are the advantages of brass?

The alloys that are used to create brass have excellent machinability yet retain high strength after forming. The addition of zinc gives the metal added strength which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Due to its unique properties and corrosion resistance, brass is commonly used in applications that require low friction, such as fittings and connectors, tools and appliance parts. All brasses are known to be ductile, with those with lower zinc content being even more ductile. Variations with a higher zinc content will be less ductile.

What are brass flat bars used for?

A brass flat bar is a popular and widely used metal product with a huge range of applications. It’s easy to use, shape and apply, making it a truly versatile metal product.

Brass flat bars are used in a variety of applications. This includes the manufacture of furniture, interior fit outs and for decorative purposes. They are regularly used as brass inlays in staircases, wooden doors, wooden tables, floors and other joinery applications. Brass flat bar or strip can also be used for manufacturing high speed components, switch boxes, architectural extrusions and plug pins.

Why choose polished brass?

Polished brass is a solid brass that has been polished and then finished with a lacquer that helps to prevent tarnishing and the developing of a patina over time. It has a bright, shiny, and reflective finish.

Because of this added aesthetic appeal, polished brass is a popular choice for a wide range of decorative applications. The variations in colouring, from light gold and silver to almost red, mean that it’s an attractive metal that can lend itself to a variety of decorative purposes.

Polished brass is frequently used for lamp and light fittings, door handles and other contact points. The reason for this is that brass has very strong antimicrobial properties and is bacteria resistant.

Dull/Brush or Mirror Polished brass flat bars

Typically, polished brass will be prepared using different techniques to produce different finishes. Dull or brush polished brass is polished using an abrasive technique that uses a grit wheel. This gives the surface of the metal a slightly frosted matte sheen, and is frequently used for shop fittings, catering appliances and architectural applications.

Mirror polished brass has a smooth, reflective finish that is achieved through the process of fine pre-grinding the surface of the metal to eliminate any surface imperfections. A buffing cycle then follows using soft mops and a polishing compound. This creates a smooth and decorative surface that is easy to keep clean. It will usually be chosen for decorative purposes, as well as where high standards of hygiene need to be maintained, such as in food processing and preparation.

Polished brass flat bars from 1st Choice Metals

At 1st Choice Metals, we have a range of dull/brush and mirror polished brass flat bars available in different sizes. We can supply any of our brass, aluminium and stainless-steel bars polished.

We provide a free cutting service, with 1 free cut per line item purchased. This means that you will receive the item you ordered at the exact length required for the job you have in mind.

We offer quick delivery times with the majority of orders placed before lunch time being cut & shipped on the same day.

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