'Frame Builder' - Aluminium Box Section & Connectors

Frame Builder is a modular system of Aluminium Square Tubing, fittings and connectors, which allow the user to create and build lightweight aluminium framework quickly and easily – eliminating the need for fiddly nuts & bolts and expensive and time consuming welding. In fact the ‘Frame Builder’ system can be assembled without the use of any tools at all.


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Showing all 12 results

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We are able to offer our Aluminium Sheets & Chequer Plates and Stainless Steel Sheets folded to the customers specifications

You can order the Frame Builder Aluminium Box Section in 1 metre, 2 metre or 3 metre lengths, and then if required take advantage of our cut to size service – meaning the sections will arrive with you cleanly cut and ready to build, making this an excellent ‘Plug & Play’ system.

We have a range of 2 way, 3 way, 4 way and 5 way tube connectors available in various forms, along with End Caps and Feet, meaning that aluminium framework can be built into almost any shape or size with the minimum of fuss.
This system is perfect for DIY and light commercial applications where aluminium welding is not practical or cost efficient – Display Systems, Racks, Shelves, Frames & Trolleys can be constructed with very little effort.

What are aluminium box section connectors? 

Aluminium box section connectors, also known as aluminium tube fittings, and aluminium tube connectors, are essential tools in frame building. They are widely used by professionals and DIY enthusiasts to create strong and durable structures using aluminium tubes and box sections. Aluminium box section connectors are a unique alternative to traditional connectors because they do not require any tools to assemble. Instead, the two-part design clips together, making it easy to insert into the end of the aluminium box section tube. These connectors are compatible with 25mm square box section, which makes them a great choice for building lightweight frameworks that are easy to handle and transport. 

What are they used for?  

Aluminium box section connectors are used to join two or more aluminium tubes or box sections together, forming a rigid and sturdy frame. They are commonly used in various industries, such as construction, manufacturing, and automotive.  


Aluminium box section connectors are commonly used in construction to build structures such as frames, railings, and supports. 25mm box section connectors are typically used in construction to join 25mm square or rectangular steel tubes, forming a framework for a wide variety of structures such as shelving units, furniture, display stands, and even small buildings. 


They are also used in the manufacturing of furniture and other metal products. These connectors are easy to use and provide a fast and efficient way to create a solid structure. They come in various shapes, such as T-joints, L-joints, and straight connectors, to meet different design requirements. 

What makes them different from other tube fittings 


Aluminium box section connectors have several advantages over other metal connectors, such as steel and brass. The primary advantage is their weight. Aluminium is a lightweight metal, making it easier to handle and transport. This feature is particularly useful for DIY enthusiasts who may not have heavy machinery or equipment to move and position large and heavy structures. 

Less reactive metal 

Another advantage of aluminium box section connectors is their corrosion resistance. Unlike other common construction metals, aluminium does not rust or corrode, making it an ideal material for outdoor applications where structures are exposed to the elements. Aluminium box section connectors are also resistant to UV rays, which can cause other metal connectors to weaken and degrade over time. 


Aluminium box section connectors are also durable and strong. Aluminium has a high strength-to-weight ratio, meaning that it can withstand heavy loads without adding extra weight to the structure. This feature is particularly useful in applications where weight is a critical factor, such as in the aerospace industry. 

Why use 1st Choice Metals? 

Looking for high-quality aluminium box section connectors? 1st Choice Metals are a leading supplier of aluminium products in the UK. Our products are made from high-grade aluminium and are designed to meet the highest quality standards. We also offer a connector to fit a 25mm square box section with a 1.5mm wall thickness. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can help you build your next project.