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Aluminium is arguably the planet’s most versatile metal. It’s abundant and comes in a number of different forms. The most used forms are plates and sheets, both of which have a wide range of applications.

How is aluminium plate manufactured?

Aluminium plate begins life as preheated sheet ingots that can weigh up to 20 tons. Firstly, the ingot is heated up to rolling temperature and then fed into a breakdown mill. There it’s rolled back and forth until the thickness has been reduced right down to a few centimetres. This slab can then be cold rolled or heated to increase its strength. The higher strength alloys are heat treated. Then they are cooled down rapidly to room temperature and are stretched to straighten them out. This also helps to relieve internal stress that’s built up during the rolling and heat-treating.

The aluminium plate is then allowed to age, either naturally at room temperature in a furnace. The plate is then trimmed to its final size and can be used as they are or machined into a variety of shapes from simple to complex. It combines strength with flexibility, and it’s this combination that makes it such an effective and adaptable material for all kinds of purposes.

What are the uses of aluminium plate?

Aluminium plate is used in a variety of heavy-duty applications such as those that are found in military and aerospace. It’s frequently used in the manufacture of transportation systems, such as modern railways systems and cars. It can be shaped to make the skin of jumbo jets and has been used to make the tanks for spaceships. It also has a wide range of everyday applications such as home appliances and kitchenware.

What are the advantages of aluminium plate?

Unlike other metals, aluminium doesn’t fatigue easily. This means that it can be worked and re-worked, until it’s the precise gauge for your intended purpose without losing strength. This adds to its versatility and the range of applications to which it can be applied.

Why should you choose a trusted supplier for your aluminium plate?

When it comes to choosing a supplier for your aluminium plate products it makes sense to opt for a company with a wide range of product options and a wealth of experience. They can offer advice about product choice and what might be suitable for your particular purpose. You should make sure that your supplier only stocks the highest quality products manufactured from the best materials.

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