Aluminium Nosings

Aluminium Stair Nosing’s are essentially an extruded Aluminium Unequal Angle that has a fluted pattern running along the larger face.

Usually Aluminium Nosings are used to cover and to protect the leading edge of stair treads. The fluted pattern aides the users grip and being manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium our nosing’s are very heavy duty making them perfect for commercial use in areas of high foot traffic.


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Showing all 3 results

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Understanding the specific utilities and applications of metal components is crucial in various industries, and aluminium nosings are no exception. These unique, durable fixtures offer a range of benefits. What are they and their numerous advantages?

A Closer Look at Aluminium Nosings

Aluminium nosings are essentially protective edgings that are commonly installed on the edges of stairs, platforms, or other protruding edges. The primary function is to provide a slip-resistant surface, reducing the risk of accidents. Its unique design ensures that the top edge of each step is clearly visible, further aiding in safety.

Common Applications of Aluminium Nosings

One of the standout features of aluminium nosings is their versatility in application. Given their robust nature, they find a home in various environments. Campervan enthusiasts, for instance, employ them to cover entry steps. Those with panel vans find utility in them where ply lining meets the rear and side doors. Horseboxes employ these nosings to retain the floor covering at entrances and on ramps. The 3mm thickness, in particular, makes them robust enough to withstand the demands of a horse’s hooves. Furthermore, in the commercial world, exhibition stands utilise these nosings. They don’t just offer protection but also add a decorative flair to the step leading up to display areas.

Why Aluminium?

The decision to craft nosings out of aluminium is no accident. Aluminium is celebrated for its excellent corrosion resistance. This inherent trait ensures that it remains immune to rust. This makes it particularly valuable for outdoor applications where its anti-slip properties shine. Additionally, when compared to other materials, aluminium offers greater resistance to scratching and marking. This long-lasting nature means that businesses, especially those in the exhibition industry, find value in reusing them across multiple events, saving costs in the long run.

1st Choice Metals and Their Offerings

We at 1st Choice Metals pride ourselves on our extensive collection. Beyond the standard nosings, we can offer powder coated to order in any colour required. The option to anodise or powder coat the nosings allows you to enhance the appearance further, catering to diverse aesthetic needs.

Choosing the Right Fit

When selecting your aluminium nosings, consider the width and thickness appropriate for your specific application. The demands of a horsebox, for instance, may differ from that of an exhibition stand. Being mindful of these nuances ensures longevity and optimal performance.

Comparison with Other Protective Solutions

While there are other stair or edge protective solutions in the market, aluminium nosings have carved a niche for themselves. Beyond their anti-slip properties, their resistance to wear and tear puts them a notch above the rest. Also, their ability to be customised, both in terms of dimensions and aesthetics, makes them a favoured choice for many.

Make the Right Choice Today!

Aluminium nosings emerge as a blend of functionality and aesthetics. Whether you’re aiming to enhance safety in a commercial space or add a touch of class to your vehicle, these nosings serve you well. We invite you to explore our range and find the perfect fit for your needs. At 1st Choice Metals, quality meets versatility. Dive in and make your choice today! Contact us here.