Aluminium Nosings

Aluminium Stair Nosing’s are essentially an extruded Aluminium Unequal Angle that has a fluted or castlleated pattern running along the larger face.

Usually Aluminium Nosings are used to cover and to protect the leading edge of stair treads. The fluted pattern aides the users grip and being manufactured from 3mm thick aluminium our nosing’s are very heavy duty making them perfect for commercial use in areas of high foot traffic.

Being made from aluminium means that they have an excellent corrosion resistance and will not rust, making them suitable for outdoor use where the anti-slip properties are even more important.

Aluminium Nosing’s are often used on campervan conversions to cover the entry step, on panel vans to retain the ply lining where it meets the rear and the side doors, and also on horse boxes where it retains the floor covering at the entrance and on the ramps, and being 3mm thick they are robust enough to stand up to the demands created by horses hooves.

Another common application is exhibition and display stands where the nosing is used to protect and ‘decorate’ the step up onto the customers display area. Despite the higher initial purchase cost, heavy duty aluminium nosing’s are often preferred over standard plain aluminium angles as they offer far greater resistance to scratching and marking, meaning that the owner of the stand can save money over the long term by re-using the nosing’s for multiple exhibitions.

Our Aluminium Nosing’s are suitable for anodising and powder coating which can enhance the look of the product further. We currently keep black powder coated nosing’s on the shelf available for immediate despatch¬†Click here to buy.

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