Stainless Steel Round Tubes

Stainless steel round tubes. Please choose from Grade 304 Mirror Polished Tubes & Grade 316 Standard Finished Tubes.

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1st Choice Metals are a stockholder of stainless steel tubes. We can supply stainless steel tubes cut to size, with nationwide delivery.

Although more expensive in comparison to mild steel tubes, stainless steel tubes have many advantages that make them a far more desirable product. In many applications, these advantages will outweigh the higher initial purchase cost.

One of the advantages of using stainless steel tubes is their appearance. Even when supplied in ‘mill finish’ (a term to describe the fact that they are unpolished – or as they came from the mill) they are still relatively shiny and smooth – whereas mild steel tubes are often tarnished, dull and will sometimes even show signs of corrosion. Their appearance combined with excellent anti corrosive properties are the reasons why stainless steel tubes are used in the food, hygiene, automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Probably the biggest advantage of a stainless steel tube or pipe over a mild steel pipe is that when exposed to the elements it won’t rust or rot. If used in damp, wet or humid conditions, mild steel tubes will quickly rust – which is not a good look! The mild steel tube will continue to corrode until eventually it fails. This will not happen with a stainless steel tube – it will not rust and will usually look good for many years.

The key to these tubes keeping their ‘good looks’ and not corroding, is the addition of a minimum 10.5% of chromium in the chemical make-up of the material. When exposed to the atmosphere an invisible but protective layer of chromium oxide is formed, covering the surface of the tube. It is this layer that prevents any further corrosion.

Although the surface finish of stainless steel tubes is usually good for many years, it is worth noting that these tubes are “stain less” not “stain proof”. Over time and especially if exposed to certain chemicals the surface can tarnish.

Stainless steel tubes are excellent for polishing and can be polished to a brushed (dull polish) finish or to a mirror polish – this makes them ideal for decorative applications such as shop fittings, car engine bay modifications and exhaust tubes.

Stainless steel tubing is also both harder and stronger than mild steel tubes, and they are also suitable for welding and for forming so are an excellent choice for structural applications.

We stock stainless steel tubes in grade 304 & grade 316 – all sizes can be cut to length to suit your particular application. If we don’t currently list the size that you need, please contact us for a price, as most other sizes can be obtained within 48 hours.

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