Black Gloss Chequer PlateChequer Plate / 5 Bar Treadplate

Black Aluminium Chequer Plate

£4.43£57.86 ex VAT

£4.43£57.86 ex VAT
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Black painted Aluminium Chequer Plate

1.5mm thick Aluminium 5 Bar Treadplate with a gloss black powder coated finish on the patterned face only.

1.5mm thickness is the base plate thickness – the chequered pattern sits on top of this

Supplied in Grade 5754

  • Excellent corrosion resistance and is suitable for marine applications
  • High strength
  • Good for bending / folding / cold forming
  • Click here for more information on grade 5754 aluminium

Please note that the guillotined edges will be mill finish / silver – please seen image below.

This 1.5mm Aluminium Chequer Plate is supplied with a gloss black finish.  Not only is it a hard wearing and durable coating, but it also looks fantastic. Our gloss black painted Aluminium Chequer plates look great in both indoor & outdoor environments. Some of the most common uses for our black aluminium chequer plating sheets are: Protective / decorative wall claddings in shops, supermarkets & gyms. Step treads & kick plates for stairs & doors. Decorative modifications to Land Rovers and other 4×4 off road vehicles. Flooring, trade counters and work tops. Shop fittings, boats and other decorative panels.


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