Folding, Welding and Other Fabrication Services

To complement our vast range of Aluminium & Stainless Steel bars, sections & sheets, 1st Choice Metals can also offer various fabrication services.


As well as cut to size, we are also able to offer our Aluminium Sheets, Aluminium Chequer Plates and Stainless Steel Sheets folded to the customers specifications.

Aluminium Chequer Plate Angles / Corner Protectors can be ordered in a range of standard sizes directly from our website by clicking here. We can fold Chequer Plate Angles to just about any size required, and with the pattern on either the outside or the inside of the angle – so if the size or orientation that you require isn’t listed on the website, please Contact Us for a quotation.

Aluminium Chequer Plate Corner Protectors are perfect for protecting the corners of walls in high traffic areas, eliminating unsightly damage that would otherwise result in regular and costly repairs. Examples of where of where these corner guards are used are in hospitals, supermarkets, airports and wholesale warehouses.

We can bend Aluminium Sheet or Plate form a ‘U’ Channel shape. These are often used as ramps to enable equipment such as wheelbarrows, motorbikes, Ride On Lawnmowers, Quad Bikes and other small items of plant equipment to easily be loaded onto the back of a trailer, a truck or into a van. For this application, we would recommend using Aluminium Chequer Plate folded with the pattern on the inside of the channel, as this will provide extra grip for the item that is being loaded.

Aluminium Sheet and Chequer Plate can also be folded to form threshold ramps and wedge ramps. These are commonly used to enable wheelchair and mobility scooter users easy and smooth access into and out of buildings and doorways that have a raised step or threshold.

Wedge ramps can also be used in commercial settings, such as shops where deliveries are frequently made via a pedestrian door, allowing sack trucks easy access in and out of the building.

Threshold ramps are perfect to cover much smaller obstacles. They can also be used to cover small trip hazards, such as trailing cables.

Of course, there is no ‘standard’ height or size for a doorstep – every building is different.

Therefore, please email your drawings to or you can WhatsApp them to us on 07307 694990.

We can also fold trays out of Aluminium Sheet to just about any size required. Depending on what the application calls for, trays can be supplied either with or without welded corners.


We can supply our Aluminium and Stainless Steel products welded to the customers specifications.

The common perception is that Aluminium is difficult to weld. To some extent this is true but like most things in life it just requires a slightly different skill set, and lots of practice!

The main issue with Aluminium Welding is heat. It is important to ensure that any oxidation is removed from the surface of the aluminium before welding. This is because the melting point of the oxidation is higher than that of the aluminium beneath it. Once the material is prepared, the challenge is getting just the right amount of heat into the weld. Aluminium is a far better conductor of heat than steel – around 5 to 6 times better. When heat is applied to the Aluminium it very quickly travels through the material, away from the weld pool – far more rapidly than it does with steel. To compensate for this dissipation far greater heat is required. On the other hand, Aluminium has a far lower melting point than steel (approx. 600 degrees Celsius vs. 1300+ degrees Celsius), so increase the heat by too much and a hole will be blown in the Aluminium – this is especially true for thinner gauges of Aluminium.

Although both Aluminium and Stainless Steel can be MIG welded, we predominately TIG Weld. Although a slower and slightly more difficult process, TIG Welding leaves a far superior finish, meaning items welded products supplied by 1st Choice Metals are great for applications where presentation is important.

We can supply frames and trays fabricated and welded in both Aluminium & Stainless Steel. Please email your drawings to or WhatsApp them to 07307 694990


We can also drill holes in your Aluminium & Stainless Steel Sheets. We also offer this service in the form of a “Fixing Kit”. If you purchase a Fixing Kit at the same time as your Aluminium or Stainless Steel Sheet, we will pre drill a hole in each corner of the sheet and you will be supplied with a pack of decorative dome head fixings to allow you to quickly and easily fix your sheet to the wall – ideal for the not so keen DIY’er!

Other Sevices

We also work with Metal Polishers, Anodisers, and Powder Coaters allowing us to supply you with the complete fabricated product.

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Folding Service

We are able to offer our Aluminium Sheets & Chequer Plates and Stainless Steel Sheets folded to the customers specifications