Stainless Steel Folded Angles

Stainless steel angles folded from top quality grade 304 stainless steel.

Available in a choice of finishes – brushed polished or bright annealed.



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Showing all 20 results

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We are able to offer our Aluminium Sheets & Chequer Plates and Stainless Steel Sheets folded to the customers specifications

These stainless steel angles can be used as a decorative trim, or they can be used to offer protection to vulnerable edges of plasterboard and other substrates in high traffic areas such as corridors and warehouses.  Not only do they negate the need for regular re-decoration, because these stainless steel angles come ready polished, they can actually enhance the appearance of the work area.

Being made from Stainless Steel means that they are particularly durable and can also be easily wiped clean.  Because these corner protectors are manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel, they will not rust – meaning they are perfect for outdoor use and also in areas of high moisture. Be wary of products manufactured from inferior quality grades of stainless steel, for example grade 431, as these have a higher iron content and therefore over time they will rust.

Due to it’s high corrosion resistance, grade 304 stainless steel is often the preferred grade for catering applications.

We offer the folded stainless steel angles in a range of sizes, all with a choice of 2 finishes – Bright & Dull.

The bright finished corner protectors are manufactured from Bright Annealed stainless steel. The surface look and finish is very similar to that of a bright polish – however it has one main advantage. Bright Annealing is a manufacturing process, rather than a surface finish. Therefore the sheet is actually shiny all of the way through its thickness. Over time especially in areas where trolleys and other heavy items are being push around, the corner guards will of course get bumped and scratched. A product that has been bright polished will eventually  have that nice shiny polished surface scratched away, exposing the more dull ‘raw’ stainless steel beneath it. This will not happen with a bright annealed stainless steel product – yes over time it may become scratched, but these imperfections will be far less noticeable as the exposed material below the surface will also be of a shiny, mirrored appearance.

The 2nd finish that we supply our stainless steel corner protectors in is with a Dull or Brushed Polish. A dull polish is often referred to as a brushed polish, due to its grain – similar to brush marks in paintwork. Dull polished corner protectors tend to blend in with the background a little easier than their ‘blingy’ bright annealed counterparts. Although the brushed finish is surface polish, which can become scratched over time, the brushed effect naturally helps to hide scratches and other imperfections caused by heavy traffic.

We can cut and fold stainless steel sheet to just about any bespoke sizes – please Contact Us with your enquiries.