Nylon 6 Plate

Cast Nylon 6 Plate

Available in a range of thicknesses – 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm & 25mm

Black and Natural (Off White / Cream colour)

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Nylon 6 plate has many features that make it an excellent choice for many engineering plastic applications. It is hard wearing – making it an excellent choice for wear strips and plates.

Nylon 6 Plate

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Showing all 10 results

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Nylon is a synthetic polymer, belonging to the polyamides class. Renowned for its strength and resistance to wear and abrasion, nylon plate material is an excellent choice for a wide range of engineering applications. This material is especially popular in industries where durability and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Types of Nylon for Plastic Sheets

The most common types of nylon for plastic sheets are Nylon 6 and Nylon 66. These nylons vary slightly in molecular structure, impacting their mechanical properties. Nylon 6 sheet is known for its impressive strength and stiffness, while Nylon 66 sheet offers slightly higher heat resistance and mechanical strength.

Key Properties of Nylon Sheets

Nylon sheets are highly valued for their exceptional wear resistance and good sliding properties, making them ideal for numerous industrial applications. These sheets exhibit superior machining capabilities, allowing for precision components to be crafted with ease. Nylon is resistant to a wide array of chemicals, including alkalis and oils, which enhances its utility in challenging environments. One of the most significant advantages of nylon sheets is their lightweight nature; they are considerably lighter than metals such as steel and brass, providing an efficient alternative without compromising on strength or durability.

Uses and Applications of Nylon Sheets

Nylon sheets and nylon plates are extensively used across various industries due to their durability and versatility. Nylon is molded into different shapes such as gears, rollers, and sprockets that can be used in bicycle chains and anything using a tracked system. They are also used for conveyor belts as wear strips and plates. The wear strips help prevent containers from contacting the metal areas. As nylon can have excellent sliding properties, which reduces friction, so are also used for bearings and brushes.

Comparison to Other Plastics

Compared to other plastics, nylon offers superior strength, hardness, and wear resistance. It stands out for its ability to absorb impact and resist wear, making it preferable for heavy-duty applications where other plastics might fail.

Grades of Nylon

There are different grades of nylon, each tailored for specific applications. Cast nylon sheets are sometimes enhanced with molybdenum disulphide to improve friction properties; however, this addition is specific to black nylon and is not found in natural nylon. Natural nylon plate is suitable for food contact applications.

Environmental Resistance

Nylon is inherently resistant to many environmental factors. It performs well under a wide range of temperatures and is resistant to many chemicals. This makes nylon panels and sheets ideal for outdoor and chemical exposure applications, where other materials might degrade.

Product Thicknesses


2mm Nylon Plate is one of the thinnest options, ideal for light applications where flexibility and lightness are crucial. If you need a more wear resistant option, while remaining lightweight there are 8mm nylon plates and 10mm nylon plates available.


For a balance between durability and cost-effectiveness, 12mm Nylon plates are perfect for moderate load bearings. Whereas 16mm nylon plates offer enhanced durability and wear resistance for high-impact environments.

Heavy Duty

Great for applications requiring robust, impact-resistant materials, the 20mm Nylon Plate and 25mm Nylon Plate offer a greater level of longevity and durability. If you need a solution for the most demanding applications, where maximum strength and durability are needed, then you should choose a 50mm nylon plate.

Why Choose 1st Choice Metals?

Nylon plates and sheets from 1st Choice Metals represent the pinnacle of performance for synthetic polymers. If you need your nylon sheets in a custom size, we are equipped to provide top-quality materials tailored to your specific needs. Explore our selection and experience the advantages of high-grade nylon in your next project.