Aluminium Half Round

Aluminium Half Round Mouldings are supplied in Grade 6063-T4 making them very malleable and easy to form. Often used on vintage bus & coach restorations, horse boxes, vehicle bodies, and boats, Aluminium Half Round Mouldings are not only used as a decorative product but they also double up as a sacrificial item that protects the vehicle body and paintwork from minor bumps & scuffs.


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Showing all 4 results

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Aluminium Half Round Moulding

Aluminium, known for its strength-to-weight ratio, is a versatile construction material used in manufacturing vehicles. Aluminium half round moulding is a semi-circular aluminium bar that can be customised for decorative or protective purposes, such as serving as a buffer in vehicles.

Properties of Aluminium Half Round Moulding

Material Grade: 

Our half round mouldings use 6063-T4 aluminium, valued for its reliability, strength, and workability. It’s a medium-strength alloy with good corrosion resistance.

Key Alloy Components:

Manganese: Enhances corrosion resistance, especially in harsh environments.

Magnesium: Increases aluminium’s strength while maintaining its lightweight nature.

Zinc: Adds corrosion resistance and stability, allowing for precision manufacturing.

Why Choose 6063-T4 Aluminium Half Round Moulding?

Malleability: 6063-T4 is a medium-strength alloy, making it easy to work with in architectural and manufacturing projects. Its T4 temper enhances malleability, enabling hand bending up to 90-degree angles without failure.

Protection: Half round moulding serves as a protective layer for structural integrity, especially against damage. Aluminium’s corrosion resistance, coupled with manganese and zinc, offers protection against hazardous substances.

Aesthetics: Aluminium’s silver-like appearance provides a clean and uniform finish. The half round shape adds visual interest compared to rectangular moulding.

Common Uses

Transportation: Ideal for vehicle restoration, including buses, coaches, cars, trailers, and horse boxes. Commercial vehicles use it for aesthetics and to hide joints between aluminium sheets and panels.

Boats: Grade 6063T6 is popular for boat moulding, as its malleability allows for decorative trim, easily bent to shape.

Shop Fitting: Used in shops for layout changes, as an edging strip or protective rail for partition walls and doors.