Aluminium Half Round

Aluminium Half Round Mouldings are supplied in Grade 6063-T4 making them very malleable and easy to form. Often used on vintage bus & coach restorations, horse boxes, vehicle bodies, and boats, Aluminium Half Round Mouldings are not only used as a decorative product but they also double up as a sacrificial item that protects the vehicle body and paintwork from minor bumps & scuffs.


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Showing all 4 results

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What is an aluminium half round moulding?

Aluminium is one of the best materials used in construction, due to its strength to weight ratio. It is light enough to be used in manufacturing vehicles. Aluminium half round moulding is a bar of aluminium, that can be cut to specified sizes, shaped with a semi-circle face. The half cylinder shape is used as moulding, which is can be used for decorative purposes, or added protection. For instance, if used on a vehicle, it can act as a buffer between a destructive force and the structural framework.

What are the properties of aluminium half round moulding?

The grade of aluminium used on our half round mouldings is 6063-T4, as it is reliable, strong and easy to work with. Often referred to as medium strength alloy. Aluminium has good corrosion protection, and the 6063-T4 more so. It is a compound metal made from several chemical components. The notable ones are:


The major reason manganese is used in aluminium alloys, is to increase the aluminium’s base level of corrosion resistance. To protect in more caustic environments.


To increase the level of strength of aluminium, magnesium is used. Magnesium is a lightweight element and is very ductile.


Zinc offers another layer of corrosion resistance, but is also great for adding stability. Zinc is also used due to its ability to be manufactured with precision.

Why would you require 6063-T4 aluminium half round moulding?


As aluminium 6063-T4 is a medium strength alloy, it is much easier to work with. Making it a popular material for architectural and manufacturing projects. It can be cut to any size you need it to be, and is used across several industries such as construction, architecture and manufacturing. The T4 temper makes the 6063-T4 alloy extremely malleable. Allowing to bend around corners, as much as 90-degree angles, by hand. The alloy won’t fail, crack or break.


Half round moulding is added over a frame that needs to keep its structural integrity, as it provides an added layer to take damage instead of the main frame. Aluminium has great corrosion resistance due to the layer of aluminium oxide created from contact with the air. Adding manganese and zinc increases the level of protection from hazardous chemicals.


Aluminium has a silver like appearance, which gives a clean and uniform finish. The half round moulding shape is used as it creates a more interesting visual appearance than a rectangular piece of aluminium moulding.

What is aluminium half round moulding used for?


If you are restoring old vehicles, such as buses or coaches, aluminium half round moulding works a treat. Most transportation requires strong materials, without adding unnecessary weight to the vehicle. This includes, cars, trailers and horse boxes. Buses, and other commercial vehicles, use half round moulding for the aesthetics. The decorative shape and finish make for a decorative way to hide joints between the aluminium sheets and panels.


Grade 6063T6 is a popular alloy used for moulding on boats. The malleability of this alloy makes it a great candidate as a decorative trim. It can be bent to shape and has a great finish.

Shop fitting

Shops can require complete layout changes, with adding partitioned walls and doors. Aluminium half round moulding is used as an edging strip or a protective rail that can end cap a partition wall.