Aluminium Herzim Rail

Aluminium Herzim Rails are a decorative product that are most commonly used as trims on caravans, motorhomes, catering units, mobile bars, boats and other vehicle bodies.  These trims are highly polished and are available with a choice of coloured infill strip – Black, White, Silver, Blue, Green & Red.


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Showing all 7 results

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Herzim rail

Aluminium Herzim rails are a decorative product that’s commonly used as trims on vehicle bodies. They are highly polished and come in a range of different colours.

What is a herzim trim and how is it used?

A herzim trim or rail adds the finishing touch to a range of different vehicle bodies. They are highly polished and are available with a choice of colour infill strips to match the vehicle’s decor. Herzim rails are commonly used on caravans and motorhomes which come with herzim trims fitted from the factory.

Over time, vehicle use, sunlight and dampness can all impact the look and the effectiveness of the trim. Replacement herzim rails or trims are a great option and have an impressive visual impact.

As well as their use in caravans and motorhomes they also have a range of practical applications in other vehicles. They’re an unsung but essential part of mobile catering units and bars. You’ll also find them on boats and mobile display units.

Strong and malleable

Herzim rail and trims are required to do an essential job. They need to be both strong yet malleable and able to easily curve around shapes. We stock grade 6063 T6 for herzim rails. Grade 6063 is one of the most versatile of the heat treatable aluminium alloys. It has a good surface finish, corrosion-resistant, suited to welding, has good formability and is easily anodised.

Grade 6063 T6 is used in a wide range of applications that require good corrosion resistance, such as vehicle bodies and pipelines. It is also used extensively in architectural applications, extrusions, window frames, doors, shop fittings and irrigation tubing.

Aluminium Herzim Rails from 1st Choice Metals

1st Choice Metals supplies high-quality, precision manufactured aluminium herzim rails for a wide range of different applications. Our trims are highly polished and are available with a choice of coloured infill strips to either match or contrast the vehicle body – Black, White, Silver, Blue, Green & Red.

If you’re looking for an aluminium herzim rail for your caravan, motorhome, catering unit, mobile bar, boat or other vehicle body, look no further than 1st Choice Metals.