Aluminium Windscreen Channel

Aluminium Windscreen Channel suitable to accept a 2mm thick Polycarbonate or Perspex Screen. If you require Polycarb or Perspex sheeting, please Contact Us for a quote.


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Aluminium Windscreen Channels – Applications & Installing Explained

A windscreen aluminium channel is simply an aluminium channel that’s specially built to hold windscreens on classic vehicles, motorcycles, motor boats, and sidecars.

In the past, the upper edge of vehicles like Jeep’s soft top simply tucked into a channel that was firmly fixed to the windshield frame. Once tucked, the seal was generally good. Although tucking it out was more difficult and sometimes required two or even three people.

With the introduction of windscreen channels, things became much easier for everyone involved.

Aluminium u-shaped channel stock is available in large quantities from our huge inventory of extruded aluminium channels.

How Else Are Aluminium Channels Used For?

Aluminium Channels, otherwise known as C Channels or U Channels, also have many applications. They are used as trims and cappings and are often employed to build frames, sliders, or any other structure where a second component is either attached to it or can slide inside the cavity.

Here are only some of the numerous applications of aluminium channels.

Engineering & architectural work

Engineers and structural designers use aluminium channels for their work. Products like these are often used in architectural projects, such as windows, glass panels, or bracing.

To give something a more polished look

It’s possible to use them to give your project a polished appearance, e.g., to fill in gaps between sheets on a corporate vehicle body or to cover a rough or broken edge on tables, shelves, and cabinets.

To protect exposed areas

Also, they are typically used to protect exposed edges – i.e., mounted over the exposed sides of plasterboard or painted surfaces in high traffic areas. You will most likely see them installed like this in medical facilities, shopping centers, grocery stores, and other places that are frequented by foot traffic and trolley traffic.

Aluminium Windscreen Installing Location

Aluminium Windscreen Moulding is usually installed to frame the screens on Motor Boats, Classic Motorcycles, and Sidecars. More recently, it’s also been used to frame the edges of polycarbonate or perspex sheeting on COVID spit screens in shops and restaurants.

Channels made of aluminium are perfect for applications requiring durability and corrosion resistance. We offer aluminium channel stock in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, and wall thicknesses.

Here’s a list of the most commonly available aluminium channel sizes.

1/16″ Wall Thickness

3/32″ Wall Thickness

1/8″ Wall Thickness

3/16″ Wall Thickness

1/4″ Wall Thickness

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