Aluminium Herzim Rail

Aluminium Herzim Rails are an extruded product that are most commonly used as a decorative trim on caravans, motorhomes, catering units, mobile bars, boats and other vehicle bodies.

Usually the Herzim Sections are used to cover the horizontal joins between the metal panels that form the vehicle or trailers body. The section can be screwed down to give a good mechanical fix, and then the PVC insert strip is then fitted which covers the unsightly screw heads, leaving a polished and professional look.

Whilst on the subject of polishing, it is worth noting that our Aluminium Herzim section is highly polished on all visible faces, giving a superior finish to your project.

Another great feature of this Aluminium trim is that it is very malleable, allowing it to be easily formed and shaped by hand around the corners and contours of the vehicles body.

Being manufactured from Aluminium it goes without saying that even when used on the body of a caravan or motorhome it will not rust and will look good for many, many years.  This section is equally at home on interior installations and can often be seen around widow frames and also used as various other decorative trims inside boats and classic bus and coach restorations.

When inserted, the black rubber insert stands slightly proud of the shoulders of the Aluminium Rail Section making it ideal as a light weight rub rail.  This helps to protect the polished surface of the aluminium and the body panels beneath from scratches and scrapes that occur from every day use.

All of our Herzim trims come complete with the black rubber insert included and no extra cost.

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