Stainless Steal 2B Finished Sheets For Sale

Grade 304 Stainless Steel is the most common grade of Stainless Steel; and as such is an excellent general purpose grade. Also known as 18/8 – this refers to its composition being made up of 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel – grade 304 has excellent anti corrosive properties and performs exceptionally well in damp, wet and humid environments. It is a non magnetic stainless steel which can either be of help or hindrance, depending on your application!

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All of our grade 304 Stainless Steel sheet is cold rolled and then acid cleaned (de-scaled). To achieve a 2B finish, both sides of the sheet then get a very light pass across polishing rollers, which leave the surface with a very smooth, grey finish. This smooth grey finish is probably best described as a matt finish, although on closer inspection it does have a slight sheen. One side of the sheet then goes through a poly coating machine, which covers the entire face of the sheet with a PVC coating. This coating is designed to help protect the surface of the material from scratching during handling, transport and any further processes such as guillotining or laser cutting. Once all additional processes are complete, the PVC coating is easily peeled off by the end user, leaving an unblemished surface finish.

The 2B finish is a cost effective alternative to bright polished or brush polished stainless steel sheet, but is not as aesthetically pleasing, therefore is most commonly used where the look of the surface finish is not critical. Storage tanks / containers, valves, pumps and pipework are all examples of where the anti-corrosive and food safe properties of 304 Stainless steel are very important, but the actual finish is not so.

Grade 304 2B sheet is good for folding, drilling & welding and is widely used by fabrication & engineering companies to produce a host of industrial products such as workbenches, flooring, brackets, flanges, fittings, frames, guttering & downpipes.

Due to its smooth finish, 2B sheet is also perfect for polishing.

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