10mm Aluminium Plate 6082T6

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Our standard cutting tolerance is +/-2mm. Please Contact Us if greater precision is required.

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Larger & Thicker plates are available upon request – please contact us or call 01905 774623 for a quotation.


  • 10mm Hot Rolled Aluminium Plate
  • +/-2mm tolerance on width & length (Please contact us if you require a closer tolerance)

Grade / Specification

  • 6082 T6 (Formerly H30 TF)
  • Good General Engineering Grade
  • Good For Machining / Drilling / Turning
  • Good For Welding
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Common Applications

Machined Parts, Jigs, Tools, Base Plates, Dies, Moulds, Motorcycle & Car Components, Structural Applications.

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